Fibre optic trunks (multiple cables)

Length definition / determination

     The following criteria are decisive
for all Datwyler fibre-optic trunks:
L =  
Length between dividers / fixing points 
= purchase order length
A = 
Type of assembly side A: 
as required / depending on application,
legs graded in length or of equal length
B = 
Type of assembly side B:
as required / depending on application,
legs graded in length or of equal length

Please note that pre-assembled loose-tube cables always come with breakout section graded in length.
This gradation may be customized.

Checklist: Project planning with fibre optic trunks

Do you need the fibre optic trunks for today or future needs?
10GBase, 40GBase, 100GBase?

Please choose the right fibre optic cable type or solution.
Please select the cable type or solution on the basis of the needed performance class, length and number of fibres.
Breakout trunks and flexible trunks are particularly flexible in terms of fibre number. They do not need a distribution splitter and are suitable especially for comparatively short rack-to-rack connections with fibre numbers ≤ 24.

Choose the requested fibre type.
OM4 is state-of-the-art in data centres (or at least OM3).
For single-mode it should be OS2.

Select the requested connector type.
LC is the most common connector for single fibres.
It is also possible to choose any other connector type for trunk cable termination.

What will be the length of the fibre optic trunks?
Where do you want to install them? In cable trays above the racks or in the false floor? Please consider the diameter, the weight and the admissable bending radius of the trunks!

How do you want to route the cables inside the distribution rack to the patch panels?
• side-fed from right? 
• side-fed from left?
• centred from behind?
• or ... ?

The single cables ("legs") can be graded in length, depending on how the trunk cable will be fixed inside the rack.
The single cables may all have the same length, but this increases the dimensions of the connector protection. That´s the reason why Datwyler offers single fibre termination graded in length.
The single cable elements are usually placed in breakout boxes behind the management panels.

Customer-specific imprint / labelling?
Available on request for all fibre optic trunks.

Please consider some extra time for the pre-assembly in your timetable.

You need consulting service?
Please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to help you.
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