Adrian Bolliger

Algemeen directeur Europa, Dätwyler IT Infra AG

joined Datwyler IT Infra as General Manager Europe in September 2019. Before joining Datwyler, he was responsible for the Mobile Business sector for enterprise customers at Swisscom.

Adrian has been with Swisscom since 1996, with a short interruption of two years. Finally he was responsible for the sector Mobile Business Solutions. He was in charge of topics like Enterprise Mobile, Enterprise IoT, Smart City and also 5G. With IoT and Smart City this sector contributes a lot to the future development of Swisscom. Adrian managed to substantially strengthen this portfolio in close cooperation with the customers.

Adrian Bolliger holds Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration as well as in Business Information Technology, plus an Executive MBA in General Management from the University St. Gallen (HSG). 

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