PLC Fibre Splitter

Mini Module, 900μm


PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) optical splitter is fabricated using silica optical fibres to distribute optical signals from point of presence (PoP) to multiple premise locations.
PLC Splitters provide a cost effective and space saving product suitable to different network requirements.
Thanks to compact size, splitter mini-modules can be utilized in different installation terminals.
LAN, WAN & Metro Networks
Telecommunication Networks
Passive Optical Networks
FTTx Networks
Tipologia di fibra:G.652.D / G.657.A1 / G.657.A2 or customer specified
Operating wavelength:1260 - 1650 nm
Return loss:55 dB
Directivity:55 dB
Temperature stability:0.5 dB
Operating temperature:-40 °C - +85 °C
Storage temperature:-40 °C - +85 °C


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProdottoTipologia di connettoreInsertion lossLoss uniformityPolarization dependent lossPU
49028000ZYPLC splitter 1:2 mini module, 1.5 mSC/APC3.8 dB0.4 dB0.2 dB1 pc.
49028100ZYPLC splitter 1:4 mini module, 1.5 mSC/APC7.1 dB0.6 dB0.2 dB1 pc.
49028200ZYPLC splitter 1:8 mini module, 1.5 mSC/APC10.2 dB0.8 dB0.2 dB1 pc.
49028300ZYPLC splitter 1:16 mini module, 1.5 mSC/APC13.5 dB1.2 dB0.3 dB1 pc.
49028400ZYPLC splitter 1:2 mini module, 1.5 mLC/APC3.8 dB0.4 dB0.2 dB1 pc.
49028500ZYPLC splitter 1:4 mini module, 1.5 mLC/APC7.1 dB0.6 dB0.2 dB1 pc.
49028700ZYPLC splitter 1:32 mini module, 1.5 mLC/APC16.8 dB1.5 dB0.3 dB1 pc.
49028600ZYPLC splitter 1:8 mini module, 1.5 m, 1 side10.2 dB0.8 dB0.2 dB1 pc.

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