FO patch panel OV-E

19‘‘/1U, splice box, loaded

with adapters and pigtails

Fibre optic splice box OV-E, 19‘‘/1U, extractable


For the termination of fibre optic cables - maximum of 48 fibres.
Loaded with FO adapters, ready for splicing, with prepared pigtails (per 2 m, colour code: IEC 60304).
Telescopic, folding drawer with stop.
Shelf for excess tube lengths below the drawer.
Cable mounting plate at the rear.
Splice cassettes are hinged, can be easily folded up.
Splice box with
- one straight cable entry (2 x M15 + 1 x M20)
- one breakout cable entry
- coloured pigtails with measurement report
- FO adapters, fastened by screws
- complete splicing set with crimp splice protection
- labelling strip, 410 mm
- M6 mounting set
Alloggiamento:Aluminium, black, extractable drawer with locking mechanism, box allows for depth-adjustable mounting (5 steps, maximum 50 mm)
Piastra frontale:Aluminium, white
Impronta:numbers (silk screen printing) on front plate
Capacità:up to 48 fibres
Scarico della trazione:by screwed cable gland
Ingresso cavi:rear left and right pre-stamped cable entries and an enclosed breakout cable entry
Dimensioni:19“/1U, depth 250 mm
Adattatore:LCD or LSH with ceramic sleeves


Product Datasheet
Tender text


Article No.ProdottoColore (Piastra frontale)Numero di adattatoriAdattatoricolore (adattatore)Tipologia di fibraPigtailsPU
41516002ZYSplice box OV-E 6xLCD, OS2argento6LCDbluE9/125 G.652.D OS212 x LC, 2m1 pc.
41516402ZYSplice box OV-E 12xLCD, OS2argento12LCDbluE9/125 G.652.D OS224 x LC, 2m1 pc.
41516802ZYSplice box OV-E 24xLCD, OS2argento24LCDbluE9/125 G.652.D OS248 x LC, 2m1 pc.
41516102ZYSplice box OV-E 6xLCD/APC, OS2argento6LCD/APCverdeE9/125 G.652.D OS212 x LC/APC, 2m1 pc.
41516502ZYSplice box OV-E 12xLCD/APC, OS2argento12LCD/APCverdeE9/125 G.652.D OS224 x LC/APC, 2m1 pc.
41516902ZYSplice box OV-E 24xLCD/APC, OS2argento24LCD/APCverdeE9/125 G.652.D OS248 x LC/APC, 2m1 pc.
41517202ZYSplice box OV-E 6xLSH/APC, OS2argento6LSH/APCverdeE9/125 G.652.D OS26 x LSH/APC, 2m1 pc.
41517302ZYSplice box OV-E 12xLSH/APC, OS2argento12LSH/APCverdeE9/125 G.652.D OS212 x LSH/APC, 2m1 pc.
41517402ZYSplice box OV-E 24xLSH/APC, OS2argento24LSH/APCverdeE9/125 G.652.D OS224 x LSH/APC, 2m1 pc.
41517502ZYSplice box OV-E 24xLSH-C/APC, OS2argento24LSH-C/APCverdeE9/125 G.652.D OS248 x LSH/APC, 2m1 pc.
41516202ZYSplice box OV-E 6xLCD, OM3argento6LCDturcheseG50/125 OM312 x LC, 2m1 pc.
41516602ZYSplice box OV-E 12xLCD, OM3argento12LCDturcheseG50/125 OM324 x LC, 2m1 pc.
41517002ZYSplice box OV-E 24xLCD, OM3argento24LCDturcheseG50/125 OM348 x LC, 2m1 pc.
41516302ZYSplice box OV-E 6xLCD, OM4argento6LCDheather violetG50/125 OM412 x LC, 2m1 pc.
41516702ZYSplice box OV-E 12xLCD, OM4argento12LCDheather violetG50/125 OM424 x LC, 2m1 pc.
41517102ZYSplice box OV-E 24xLCD, OM4argento24LCDheather violetG50/125 OM448 x LC, 2m1 pc.
Variants on request.

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