Splicing accessories

1. Splice tray
2. Splice holder
3. Splice protection



Product Datasheet


Article No.ProdottoPU
415188Splice holder for up to 12 splices (crimp technology)1 pc.
1411150Splice tray without cover1 pc.
1411151Splice tray cover1 pc.
1411153Splice holder for up to 6 splices (heat shrink technology)1 pc.
418649Splice protection (crimp technology)150 pcs.
1401581Splice protection 60mm (shrink technology)100 pcs.
4000277Splice protection 40mm (shrink technology)100 pcs.
416996Splice kit with 12x splice protection (crimp technology) and splice tray cover1 kit
1411154Fibre strain relief for splice tray1 pc.
418653Set Splice protection (shrink technology) 1 x 1411153 + 6 x 40002771 pc.
418655Set Splice protection (crimp technology) 1 x 1411152 + 12 x 4186491 pc.

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