FO Indoor Duplex / I-V(ZN)HH

2.0 mm, LS0H, Euroclass Fca

Semi-tight buffer
flame retardant - IEC 60332.1

1 Fibre
Semi-tight buffer
3 Aramid yarn
4 Single-fibre cable:
2.0 mm
5 LS0H sheath


Robust and flexible fibre optic Duplex cable, based on 2 single-fibre cables 2.0 mm
with semi tight buffer 0.9 mm in a common sheath.
Easy handling, easy to strip off.
Flame retardant halogen-free LS0H sheath.
Low fire load.
Suitable for patch cables between terminal distributors and/or end devices.
For direct termination with connectors.
Can also be spliced in terminal distributors.
The cables are available with different types of optical fibre (see fibre data sheets).
Temperature range in operation:-20 / +60°C IEC 60794-2-10
-10 / +60°C for assembled patch cords
Tensile performance:IEC 60794-1-21 E1
Crush resistance:IEC 60794-1-21 E3
Impact:IEC 60794-1-21 E4
Repeated bending:IEC 60794-1-21 E6
Torsion:IEC 60794-1-21 E7
Bend:IEC 60794-1-21 E11 A
Sheath colour:E9/125yellow or green
 G50/125 OM2orange
 G50/125 OM3turquoise
 G50/125 OM4heather violet


Reaction to fire (Euroclass)

EN 13501-6: Fca


DATWYLER «cable type» «Datwyler designation» «DIN designation» «no. of fibres» «fibre type» «add. text» «batch no.» «meter marks»

Zero alogeni, no gas corrosivi

IEC 60754-1/-2, EN 60754-1/-2, VDE 0482-754-1/-2

Propagazione delle fiamme

IEC 60332-1-2, EN 60332-1-2, VDE 0482-332-1-2, SEV TP 20B/3C

Densità del fumo

IEC 61034-1/-2, EN 61034-1/-2, VDE 0482-1034-1/-2


Product Datasheet


Article No.DoPProdottoReaction to fire (Euroclass)Numero di fibraColore della guainaTipologia di fibraGuaina Ø [mm]Peso [kg/km]Raggio di curvatura [mm]Carico di tensione [N]Resistenza a breve termine [N]Carico di fuoco [kWh/m]PU
19209000FZDuplex 2.0 mmFca2verdeE9/125 G.652.D OS24.8205020030000.1al metro
19209100FZDuplex 2.0 mmFca2gialloE9/125 G.652.D OS24.8205020030000.1al metro
19209300FZDuplex 2.0 mmFca2turcheseG50/125 OM34.8205020030000.1al metro
19293300FZDuplex 2.0 mmFca2heather violetG50/125 OM44.8205020030000.1al metro

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