Factory-assembled copper data cables

Multiple cables / trunk cables

different modules (or plugs), dimensions and lengths

Module or plug 
2  Label for single cable
3  Type of assembly (example): "legs" graded in length 
    (as required / depending on application)
4  Divider - breakout seperation


Tailor-made pre-terminated copper trunking cable assemblies
- in the requested lengths
- with customized imprints on the single cables
- with the requested modules/connectors
- 100% pre-tested, with measurement reports

1 Flex BOL cable 12-fold CU 7702 12x4P flex
2 Solid BOL cable 6-fold CU 7002 6x4P

LAN and data centre
Modules / Plugs application                    construction   compatible with cable
Modules Cat.6A / Class EA    
RJ45 module KS-T Plus 1/8 Cat.6A (IEC) up to 10GBase-Tshieldedflex / solid
RJ45 module MS-K Plus 1/8 Cat.6A (IEC) up to 10GBase-Tshieldedflex / solid
RJ45 module MS-C6A 1/8 Cat.6A (IEC) 180°-K up to 10GBase-Tshieldedflex / solid
Plugs Cat.6/6A / Class EA    
RJ45 plug 4P Cat.6A up to 10GBase-Tshieldedflex / solid

RJ45 plug 4P Cat.6



up to 1GBase-T




flex / solid


Cable types max. classapplication                diameter[mm]max. length [m]
Solid BOL cables (Breakout light)     
6-fold CU 7002 6x4P Fmin. 10GBase-T21.285
Flex BOL cables (Breakout light)     
6-fold CU 7702 6x4P flex Fmin. 10GBase-T17.660
12-fold CU 7702 12x4P flex Fmin. 10GBase-T22.260
Flex tube cables     
3-fold CU 7702 3x4P flex Fmin. 10GBase-T1260
6-fold CU 7702 6x4P flex Fmin. 10GBase-T2060
8-fold CU 7702 8x4P flex Fmin. 10GBase-T2260
12-fold CU 7702 12x4P flex Fmin. 10GBase-T2760
16-fold CU 7702 16x4P flex Fmin. 10GBase-T3260
Single cables     
CU 7702 4P flex Fmin. 10GBase-T05.860
2-fold CU 7702 4P flex Fmin. 10GBase-T5.8 x 11.660
CU 7120 4P FAmin. 10GBase-T07.590
2-fold CU 7120 2x4P F8 FAmin. 10GBase-T7.5 x 15.890


Depending on the chosen type and Category of cable and connector the Class is based on the following standards:
- ISO/IEC 11801:2002 / Amd.2:2010
- EN 50173-1:2011
- TIA/EIA 568-B.2-10: 2008


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