Ripiani e cassetti

Shelves - standard
1U, 2U, light grey & black
1. 19"/1U shelves, 1.5 mm sheet steel, black or light grey, with 19 inch mounting brackets (front) and 88 mm supporting brackets for 4-point mounting.
20 kg maximum load per shelf.
2. 19"/2U shelves, 2.0 mm sheet steel, black or light...
19"/1U telescopic shelves, 1.5 mm sheet steel, black, eqipped with one pair of telescopic rails and 19" mounting brackets.
Comes with one pair of supporting brackets for 4-point mounting and 4 screws M5.
25 kg maximum load (when mounted...
19"/1U powder coated sheet steel keyboard holder, telescopic, black.
For a maximum keyboard width of 400 mm and height of 36 mm.
Shelf depth = 480 mm.
Maximum pull-out distance = 330 mm.
The extractable keyboard holder can be mounted in...
1U, black, lockable
19"/1U drawer, 1.25 / 1.5 mm powder coated sheet steel, black.
430 mm total depth.
280 mm pull distance.
10 kg maximum load.
Comes with universal lock and 2 keys.