Cable brackets



Cable brackets, plastic, equipped with metal flanges.
To be mounted on the 19" extrusion (rails).
Variants are available for horizontal and vertical cable management.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProdottoColoreAltezza [mm]Profondità [mm]PU
195222Plastic cable brackets for vertical cablingnera405010 pcs.
195223Plastic cable brackets for vertical cablingnera408010 pcs.
195224Plastic cable brackets for vertical cablingnera80605 pcs.
195225Plastic cable brackets for vertical cablingnera80805 pcs.
195226Plastic cable brackets for horizontal cablingnera405010 pcs.
195227Plastic cable brackets for horizontal cablingnera408010 pcs.
195228Plastic cable brackets for horizontal cablingnera806010 pcs.
195229Plastic cable brackets for horizontal cablingnera80805 pcs.

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