Suspension device LZ 4001

for FH cables

Suspension device LZ 4001


figure 1: Screw set M12x40 for car/counter weight

figure 2: Hilti HSL-3 M8/20 for shaft wall



Steel suspension device for a maximum of two Datwyler FH elevator travelling cables.

The following installation screw sets are available for LZ 4001:


Elevator car or counter weight:

4 bolts M12x40 including spring-washer, washer and nut (see figure 1)

bolt: property class 8.8/8 (nut)


Shaft wall:

4 Hilti HSL-3 M8/20 (see figure 2),

(minimum concrete strength required: bw=30 N/mm2)


Crimping sleeve:

For recommended crimping sleeves see "Installation Tools"



Product Datasheet


Article No.ProdottoPU
184606 LZ 4001 1 pc.
185214 Screw set M12x40 for fixing to elevator car or counter weight 2 pcs.
185215 Hilti HSL-3 M8/20 for fixing to shaft wall 2 pcs.

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