Servicios profesionales

Our services cover all technical and site-based measures which ensure successful project development and trouble-free operation of your data centre.

Audit and validation
On request, we will perform reliability testing for you, based on the relevant standard TIA-942 Audit & Certification. For end users who are already running a data centre and worry about their critical facility infrastructure, Datwyler offers auditing and validation services. Our certified and expert data centre team conducts a gap analysis to assess the current state of your data centre facility. The outcome is a report which will indicate the level of compliance and what potentially need to be addressed to avoid any single point of failure.

In order to ensure that all the products and solutions you wish to introduce into your data centre meet your requirements and the standards which apply, we offer you professional help in testing and evaluating the planned and suggested designs and constructions.

The timely identification of potential problems at your data centre location can help to prevent further critical consequences – and expensive follow-up actions. We would be pleased to test and evaluate key criteria and elements for you on site, such as the chosen location, the construction of your data centre, the power supply, the physical security, electromagnetic fields, the telecommunications infrastructure and the existing maintenance contracts – on the basis of best practices and the standards which apply.

Project management and control
Datwyler offers you professional project management for all modification and expansion projects, especially for projects concerning your electrical and communications technical infrastructure. Our precise organisation, planning, coordination and control are the requirements for a high-quality, on-time, efficient and cost-effective implementation of your project, which at the same time meets the specified goals and standards and does not interfere with operational running.
In addition, we will also be pleased to take over more comprehensive project management tasks, which cover the complete life-cycle of the location or system defined by you: from the initial analysis of requirements and the initial design, through detailed planning, tendering and logistics, to installation, acceptance, handover and maintenance.
Our professional project management processes include producing planning schedules, arranging meetings with relevant parties, performing and post-processing of quality controls as well as all measures concerning tests, evaluations, modifications, contingency plans etc., including the associated logistics and personnel deployment planning.

SLA management
Our SLA management offers you the required resources, latest technologies, proven practices and experienced teams of professionals. As a result, you are assured that the targets and availability parameters defined in the SLA are respected and implemented at all times – with the aim of maintaining the reliability of the applications and the infrastructure and to safeguard the profitability and service life of the equipment.

Test and report
During 3rd party tests, independent testers and institutes perform strict testing with the aid of advanced equipment and tools, testing each individual component in your data centre so that error-free, fail-safe and reliable operation is guaranteed.
In addition, we provide a complete site acceptance test,  ensuring satisfactorily completed testing of the power rating of the mains electricity connection, the UPS and generators, the alarm system, smoke detectors, extinguishing system and enclosure integrity as well as the cooling and power supply.
Users also receive fully detailed documentation of the tests performed and the results; including performance benchmarks, fault, malfunction and deviation reports (which are required to reproduce the tests). This information enables clients to successfully make improvements, should they be necessary, at a later time.

Lista de comprobación

A short, keyword-based stock-take and analysis is helpful for us to gain an initial overview of the measures which you are planning.
We would be pleased to go into these with you in more detail on-site.
You can download a PDF of the checklist here.



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