Perfect solutions for increased cost-effectiveness, flexibility and safety

Datwyler’s workstation solutions, particularly the pre-assembled floor boxes, offer many advantages: lower investment costs and installation times, reduced space requirement, considerably more flexible usage and improved product quality. To these can be added lower fire loads and a significantly higher level of fire safety and operational reliability.

Datwyler workstation solutions include energy supply by flatform cable system, trunk cables (multiple cables) for the transmission of data, speech and multimedia, and pre-assembled under-floor box systems and media columns. The device assemblies are delivered ex works and ready to connect. You can have power supply and data assemblies with RJ45 Keystone modules on pre-assembled trunk cables – through to switches with fibre optic uplinks. You choose the individual features and Datwyler supplies ready-made solutions.

Assembly options

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A "smart" power supply concept

To supply energy a flat power cable of relatively high cross section (5 x 10 mm² or 5 x 16 mm²) is routed through the spatial axes of the office. Even in sizeable areas an optional ring supply ensures sufficient spare capacity in the event of maximum loading or power failure.

In the floor sub-distributor only 9 space units are needed to supply power to the sub-floor boxes: one 3-pole circuit breaker and six 1-pole MCBs (50A or 63A) or Neozed fuses. The final circuit is protected by an in-situ residual current circuit breaker combined with overload protection (RC/MCB or RCBO).

This solution means that the layout of the electrical installation remains clear at all times and is inexpensive to modify. Both fire risk and fire load are reduced to a minimum. Safety is also ensured by the factory testing of components and the foolproof coding on connectors, adapters and flat cables, which virtually rules out assembly errors.

Pre-assembled workstation solutions and rapid taps using adapters and patch cables slash assembly time. The dramatic minimisation of cabling material and the use of factory-built modules also cut costs – in spite of value-added installation and enhanced safety. The flatform cable system is unrivalled when changing usage or effecting repairs – the workstation solutions can be disassembled while the power is on, as only one cable needs to be disconnected.