Soluciones de alta calidad

Datwyler, as a competent and innovative cable manufacturer, supplies complete fibre-optic cabling solutions - including services and support in the areas of consultation, planning, engineering, design, development, training, installation and documentation, if requested.

Datwyler has a comprehensive offering of fibre optic cables and components for high-density, high-speed data centre solutions. Our solutions are designed, overall and in detail, to fully meet the demands of the future. They are adapted to meet customer`s needs and ensure a network infrastructure that will support future applications for a long time to come.

Garantía Datwyler

Certified installers can offer a Datwyler warranty for the installed fibre optic system
for 25 years. 

An acceptance test for each permanent link documents that all required values
are maintained. 

You can find more information here

GHMT "Premium Verification Program"

In confirmation of the high quality standard attained by our products and solutions we are offering a range of fibre optic products under the GHMT "Premium Verification Program" (PVP), thereby meeting the requirements of our customers for continued long-term quality assurance. The quality proof by the GHMT PVP scheme supplements and strengthens the quality mangement of Datwyler.

You can find our PVP certificated products as well as the respective certificates here