Descripción del sistema

Datwyler´s MHD data centre subsystem offers pre-terminated copper and fibre optic trunk cables (multiple cables) and a modular distribution system for high performance and flexible cabling in server rooms and data centres.

The MHD system enables a high packing density in the distributor housings. It allows very easy installation as well as changes or extensions, which could be performed during running operations, within shortest time, and without laborious works on site.

System components

The distribution system consists of two housing variants of 1 and 3 height units, available in stainless steel or with black lacquering, which are equipped with cartridges to terminate the comparatively thin multiple cables.

The copper cartridges provide RJ45 ports at the front and optionally a Telco adapter or LSA+ contacts at the rear. The fibre optic cartridges provide an MPO/MTP® adapter as rear input and an internal fibre duct to the FO ports at the front side, e.g. LCD, SCD, and LSH-C. APC variants are also available upon request.

Using this MHD system, it is possible to complete up to 48 pre-terminated fibre optic or copper ports per height unit - even composite, if required.

System components: trunk cables

Datwyler offers diverse types of multiple cables for copper data cabling: twisted pair cable looms with 50-pole Telco connectors mounted on both ends (1 Gbit/s) or CU 7002 4P trunk cables which are already connected to cartridges, including circuit board and LSA+ contacts on both ends. Using this solution, it is possible to transfer up to 10 Gbit/s with a maximum permanent link length of 90 m.

The fibre optic solution is based on a standardised 12-fibre MPO/MTP® connector system. In this case the trunk cables consist of the proven Datwyler FO cables of maximum 144 fibers which are also very thin. They are connected to the required number of MPO/MTP plugs (e.g. 12 plugs for 144 fibers) on both sides via a distributor.

Valores opticós

By optimising the termination and polishing processes and by using highest-quality MTP® connectors from US Conec Datwyler can provide FO products with outstanding performance data (see table).