La compañía se reinventa a sí misma

From the mid-50s the next generation was ready to play its part in the shape of Peter and Max Dätwyler. After completing their studies both Adolf Dätwyler’s sons had continued on-the-job training in the Altdorf and Pratteln plants as well as in the USA. As the powers of the company founder began to decline, his sons recommended forming a holding company. This was established shortly before Adolf Dätwyler’s death in the autumn of 1958.

Peter and Max Dätwyler were now managing the entire group of companies and initiated a more broadly based management culture. Inventiveness and a great deal of freedom of research was encouraged.

The company, now over 50 years old, flourished and continued to change. From 1967 onwards the cable, rubber and floor coverings divisions operated as three independent units. This early divisional organisation was controversial – and paved the way for expansion abroad.