Haciendo lo que otros no hacen

After 1970 it became increasingly obvious that simple mass-produced items no longer brought long-term success. The future lay in doing what others could not. Back in 1967 Datwyler produced the first flat special cables. In 1973 this was followed by the first flat cable for use in lifts with shafts of up to 400 metres in height. In 1975 the company set a milestone with its “Pyrofil 250” fire-resistant cable. In 1986 Datwyler was one of the first to produce single-mode and multimode fibre optic cable for public and private communication networks.

With the aim of securing the long-term future of the Datwyler Group, achieving a broader base and increasing liquidity, Peter and Max Dätwyler floated half the company capital on the Swiss stock market in 1986. At the same time, they developed a unique succession policy: since 1990 the Management Board of the listed Dätwyler Holding company has controlled a majority of votes as trustees. It does this by way of Dätwyler Führungs AG and Pema Holding AG, set up by the Dätwyler brothers in 1990. A shareholder agreement ensures that when directors step down they transfer their shareholding in Dätwyler Führungs AG to their successors at no financial gain. With this succession arrangement, Peter and Max Dätwyler waived substantial assets, thereby creating a viable ownership construct.