Maximum flexibility in installation

Modern office and administration buildings need an expandable, future-proof electrical installation. Users are no longer willing to put up with the constraints of a rigid cabling infrastructure. Instead the demand today is for plug-and-play in the form of flexible energy distribution, data transmission, and the control and automation of every possible technical building function.

With intelligent building automation from Datwyler it is easy to interlink the most diverse technical building functions and systems which until now have been strictly separate. Regulation and control tasks can be centralised or decentralised and, most importantly, implemented in the most cost-effective way.

The “plug-and-play” principle also applies to our pre-assembled workstation solutions, particularly to the floor boxes equipped to meet your requirements. These give you the perfect answers to providing economical, flexible and secure workstation power and data.

At Datwyler we supply the right system solutions for your applications as a package from a single source. These range from the familiar round data bus cables, through a flexible combined power/data flatform cable system which can be connected without stripping and comes with pre-assembled connector and screw components, to ready-to-connect workstation solutions which cut assembly times substantially. If you wish we can tailor our products and solutions to your requirements, and can include consultancy, support and logistics.

For turnkey projects in the building automation sector, moreover, we can supply all the requisite system devices such as sensors and actuators to cover every building technology function and task. Our job as a supplier of complete solutions is to collaborate with our partners in devising and implementing the most cost effective all-in-one solution for your needs.