WiFi High Density Accesspoints



These wireless arrays are the first modular WiFi products of their kind. They are characterized by upgradeability, excellent scaleability, high performance, and integrated safety. They consist of modular multi-state integrated access points (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with powerful directional antennas, wireless controller, multi-gigabit switch, firewall, threat sensor and spectrum analyzer in a single, modular housing.
Their fully modular construction and software controlled via Web interface allow extremely flexible use of the array and sophisticated fine-tuning to each operational scenario.
Array comprises:
- WiFi array, the choice of 2 to a maximum of 16 integrated access points,
depending on configuration, with up to 1.3 Gbit/s
- integrated WiFi controller
- standard mounting kit for ceiling mounting
- array operating system, including analysis and control software
- optional: Premium Support for hardware and software
Due to the modular design of the WLAN portfolio the WiFi arrays are already geared up to future WiFi standards, therefore providing good investment protection.
The Xirrus WiFi arrays are designed mainly for wireless networks with high user density, a wide variety of devices and/or high bandwidth requirements (video applications, for example).
Environmental requirements 
Outside temperature:0 to 55°C
Atmospheric humidity:0 to 90% (non-condensing)
Management interfaces- Command Line
- Web Interface
- Xirrus Management System
  (On-premise or Cloud)
CE marking europe:EN 55022, EN 55024
Safety:UL 60950-1:2003
EN 60950:2000
EMV and immunity (Class A)
Europe: EN 55022, EN 55024


All wireless access points and wireless arrays connected to a PoE injector need the following accessory:

XS-PWR-xxCountry-specific power cord and plug
XP1-MSI-xxxPower over Ethernet Midspan Injector. See WiFi Accessories – Power Supply

PoE adapter (see: WiFi accessories - power supply).
The use of standard PoE units is not feasible for a power supply via PoE, as the arrays have a different energy requirement.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductAP slotsOn-board 802.11n radio cellsRadio TypeWave 2Maximum WiFi backhaul linkArray OS Operating SystemMIMO TechnologyMIMO StreamsMaximum WiFi bandwidthGigE uplink portsBluetooth TechnologyIntegrated WiFi threat sensorIntegrated antennasExternal AntennasAntenna ConnectorsMaximum number of usersIntegrated switch portsMaximum input power802.3at PoE+ compatible802.3af PoE compatibleDimensions
103639XR-32022.4 & 5 GHz2x2Wave 1867AOSlightSU-MIMO1.11NoNo42561 - 1GbE12.5YesYes15x8.6x2.7
103610X2-12022.4 & 5 GHz2x2Wave 1867integratedSU-MIMO1.21NoNo45121 - 1GbE12.5YesØ 20.3x4.6
103576XD2-23022.4 & 5 GHz3x3Wave 22.6integratedSU-MIMO33.91YesYes64802 - 1GbE20YesNoØ 19.6x5.8
103617XD2-24022.4 & 5 GHz4x4Wave 23.47integratedSU-MIMO86.9YesYes84802 - 1GbE20YesNoØ 20.3x4.6
103620XD4-13042.4 & 5 GHz3x3Wave 11.3integratedSU-MIMO5.22NoYes127802 - 1GbE25.5YesNoØ 25.4x5.8
103618XD4-24042.4 & 5 GHz4x4Wave 23.47integratedMU-MIMO1613.88YesYes167801 - 2.5GbE, 1 - 1GbE46NoØ 25.4x5.8
103564XA4-24042.4 & 5 GHz4x4Wave 23.47integratedMU-MIMO1613.88NoYes4169601 - 2.5 GbE, 1 - GbE46yesØ 33x10.2