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The Xirrus Management System (XMS) is available as a Linux-based appliance or as software for Windows HyperV or VMware solutions. Software licensing depends on the number of integrated access points to be administered.
Main features of the XMS:
- Automatic detection of the WiFi arrays in a network
- Policy-based configuration for the simple setup of one or more arrays
- Consolidated view of arrays, radio cells, security, performance and alarm status
- Numerous statistics on all aspects of arrays and performance
- Central monitoring and classification of external access points and wireless devices
- View of alarms, system logs for error monitoring of the entire network
- Overview and detailed reports on data throughput, security, channel utilisation etc.
- Simultaneous push software upgrades for one or more arrays
- Database based platform, supports large networks, spread over several locations
- System monitoring via integrated heat map and geo-localization
The Xirrus Management System (XMS) provides a powerful platform for central management of the WiFi array network. The XMS detects, configures and monitors the array network and can be scaled to an interlocational system. Because of the comprehensive opportunities for analysis and evaluation on the management console, the XMS is equally suitable for optimising the wireless network on the basis of equipment type and bandwidth requirements. For smaller environments the usage of the XMS NextGen cloud solution is recommended, since no additional hardware and software must be installed. Therefore a significant reduction of the operating costs can be achieved. In mid-sized environments is the multi-tenant XMS Enterprise cloud solution a way to achieve cost-savings in infrastructure.


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