Cable manager - vertical

42U, black, high-density

42U high-density vertical cable management unit 


Vertical high-density cable management unit, 42U, 112 mm depth, with 41 T-shape plastic fingers.
Aluminium base with 5 openings.
Easily removable cover, divided in three sections.
Comes with a set of rear blanking panels, 8 mounting kits M5, and 10 velcro ties.
This unit can be mounted in any of Datwyler's free standing 42U or 48U racks (DSRP, DNRP, DSRS and DNRS).


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductColourWidth [mm]Depth [mm]PU
19504442U vertical cable manager, high density, with 41 fingersblack1001121 set

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