FO connector termination

Optical performance values

2 ST
3 LC
5 SC


Datwyler offers a broad range of terminated connectors for individual customer needs, such as the connector types SC, LC, ST, LSH, FC/PC, MU, MTP/MPO, and others.
These can be supplied in simplex as well as in duplex variants.
Most types are available as APC/HRL variants, too.
We are also able to deliver terminations for higher optical performance requirements.

Ferrule material: Zirconia; MT-RJ and MPO: Polymer
Lifetime: 1000 connections with stable attenuation values
Testing conditions IL: IEC 61300-3-4
Testing conditions RL: IEC 61300-3-6
Reproducibility of the IL value: a maximum of +/- 0.1dB over the entire lifetime 
Operating temperature: -10° C up to +60° C

ConnectorIL [dB] typicalIL [dB] maximalRL [dB] typicalRL [dB] minimalGrade (IEC 61755)
MM0.150.33530better than Bm2m
SM0.120.255550better than B2
SM/APC0.120.257065better than B1
MTP®/MPO MM0.150.32520better than Bm2m
MTP®/MPO SM0.10.256560better than C1


All connectors are tested with our simplex, duplex and Mini Zipcord cables as well as our pigtails.


MTP® is a registered brand of US Conec.


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