Fibre distribution box OV-W

wall mounted

for 2 patch panels 2U

FO wall mount distribution box OV-W

1. Angle bracket set for patch panels
2. Brush strip set
3. Splice tray holder
4. Splice tray take-up 


For the distribution of the fibre optic backbone cabling to the horizontal cabling. For splice connections or removable connections.
Fibre distribution box OV-W with lock and two keys, fastening set
Housing:steel plate 1.5 mm,
with removable front door and side walls, can be extended
Colour:RAL 7035
Patch panels:available for 48 adapters SCD, SC, ST and LCD each (other on request)
Strain relief:with cable tie, screwed cable gland or snap-in
Cable entries:on four sides possible
Dimensions:600 x 425 x 220 mm
Connector System


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductPU
416900FO wall mount distribution box 600 x 425 x 220 mm (unloaded)1 pc.
416901Angle bracket set for patch panels for 4169002 pcs.
416902Brush strip set for 4169002 pcs.
417396Cable entry set PG 16 / PG 21 for 4169002 pcs.
416903Patch panel 2U for 24x SCD for 4169001 pc.
418983Patch panel 2U for 48x ST for 4169001 pc.
416997Splice tray holder for 12 cassettes for 4169001 pc.

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