Patch panel KS 24x-s

for 24 RJ45 modules KS-TA 1/8, 45 degree angled


Patch panel KS 24x-s, shielded

RJ45 module KS-TA 1/8 Cat.6/EA
shielded, 45 degree angled


Shielded 19"/1U patch panel for up to 24 angled RJ45 modules KS-TA 1/8 (Article No. 418068).
Two rows of six ports on each side:
for 12 modules pointing to the left side and 12 modules pointing to the right side.
Snap-in modules can be easily fitted into the patch panel.
Due to their angled design it is possible to patch without any cable management panel. Front panel made of flame retardant compound, UL94V-0 rated, in combination with stainless steel and a cable strain relief.
Front colour black, similar to RAL 9005.
Strain relief with tie wrap.
Delivery without modules.
Suitable for the Datwyler module:
- RJ45 module KS-TA 1/8 Cat.6/EA (Article No. 418068)
Width:482 mm (19”)
Depth:120 mm (including cable strain relief)
Height:44 mm (1U)


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductColourPU
418023Patch panel KS 24x-s, 19“/1U, shieldedblack1 pc.

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