UP Faceplate 1x, 2x

flush mounted

for 1 or 2 RJ45 Keystone modules, straight oulet

1 1-port faceplate with straight outlet
2 2-port faceplate with straight outlet


Applicable for the installation of 1 respectively 2 modules with Keystone fitting, shielded or unshielded.
The Keystone modules are easily fitted into the faceplates.
Fitted with integrated dust shutters which also serve as covers for unused ports.
Supplied with labelling strips. Delivered without Keystone modules.
Suitable for the following Datwyler modules:
- PS-GG45 7A 4P shielded
- RJ45 module KS-T Plus 1/8 Cat.6A shielded
- RJ45 module KS-TC Plus Cat.6A (IEC), shielded
- RJ45 module KU Plus 1/8 Cat.6A unshielded
- RJ45 module KS-TS 1/8 Cat.6/EA shielded
- RJ45 module KS-T 1/8 Cat.6/EA shielded
- RJ45 module KU-T 1/8 Cat.6 / Cat.5e unshielded
PS-GG45 7A 4P KU-T 1/8 Cat.6 KU-T 1/8 Cat.5e KU Plus 1/8 Cat.6A KS-TS 1/8 Cat.6/EA KS-TC Plus Cat.6A (IEC) KS-T Plus 1/8 Cat.6A KS-T 1/8 Cat.6/EA
FaceplatesBritish standard
Central plate50 x 50 mm (2 x 25 x 50 mm)
Cover frame86 x 86 mm


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductStandardColourPU
185864UP Faceplate for 1x RJ45 Keystone module, straight (delivery without module)GBpure white1 pc.
185865UP Faceplate for 2x RJ45 Keystone module, straight (delivery without modules)GBpure white1 pc.

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