Connections that work in case of fire

Whether in football stadiums or power plants, office towers or shopping centres, tunnels or data centers: Wherever masses of people and material assets congregate in a confined space, the risk of catastrophe in case of fire is especially great. That’s why special cabling systems are particularly important – systems that continue to function dependably even during a fire, providing life-saving security for a predefined extended time.

Datwyler offers electrical cable systems with extended functional integrity (System Circuit Integrity) which go beyond the toughest standards and form a reliable basis for effective fire safety concepts. Our product line includes halogen-free, low smoke emission and flame retardant fire safety cables with insulation integrity and functional integrity. The latest generation offers a variety of tested, standard compliant installation options that outperform by far the conventional methods (according to DIN 4102-12) and allow for cost-saving installation. Our product portfolio also includes support systems, mounting components and accessories to ensure System Circuit Integrity, and the first metal-free fibre-optic cable with E30 functional integrity (according to DIN 4102-12). Our fire safety system seminars and special calculation tools offer designers and installers valuable support.

You can choose from our products yourself to put together the fire safety cabling system you need. We shall be pleased to help you. We also offer everything from one source: modular systems with all necessary certificates, intelligent software for layout, management and documentation of your fire safety infrastructure as well as support and logistic services. Integrating these elements into a powerful solution creates added value: As a Datwyler customer you benefit from the dependable transmission of power and data even in the event of fire, plus cost-effective installation.