(N)HXCH FE180 E90

Safety cable, 0.6/1kV, Keram

halogen-free, with improved fire characteristics,
with reference to VDE 0266 and CENELEC HD 604 S1,
circuit integrity (FE180) in accordance with VDE 0472-814, IEC 60331,
System Circuit Integrity E90 in accordance with DIN 4102-12

1 Conductor: solid/stranded
2 Fire barrier: high-peformance Keram compound
3 Insulation: cross-linked polymer, zero halogen
4 Filler: flame retardant, zero halogen
5 Concentric conductor: bare copper wire
6 Reinforcing helix: bare copper tape
7 Separator: plastic tape
8 Sheath: FRNC/LSZH


Cables with intrinsic fire resistance are installed in all areas that require special protection of people and equipment against fire and fire damages and where strict security requirements must be fulfilled. Suitable for indoor applications. For outdoor applications, protection must be provided against exposure to direct sunlight. The cable should only be laid directly in earth or water if a protective conduit is used. These cables correspond to the demands of System Circuit Integrity E90* in accordance with DIN 4102-12. System Circuit Integrity is guaranteed at an operating voltage up to 400V.
Permitted operating temperature at conductor of +90˚C.
ConductorBare copper, solid or stranded, IEC 60228, EN 60228 (VDE 0295)
InsulationDouble insulation, cross-linked, high-performance Keram special compound, VDE 0266 “HXI1”
FillerHalogen-free compound or plastic tape
Concentric conductorBare copper wires with reinforced helix
SeparatorPlastic tape
Outer sheathPolyolefin compound, CENELEC HD 604 S1, VDE 0276-604 “HM4”
Core coloursCENELEC HD 308 S2 and VDE 0293
Sheath colourOrange
Nominal voltage0.6/1kV
Test voltage4000V, 50Hz
Minimum bending radiusduring and permanent installation

12 x D (multicore cable)
(D = outer diameter)

Operating temperaturepermanent installation-45°C to +90°C
 during installation-5°C to +50°C
System Circuit Integrity is dependent on installation method.

Zero halogen, no corrosive gases

IEC 60754-1/-2, EN 60754-1/-2, VDE 0482-754-1/-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-SA

Flame propagation

IEC 60332-1-2, EN 60332-1-2, VDE 0482-332-1-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-F1

Flame spread

IEC 60332-3-22/-24 Cat. A/C, EN 60332-3-22/-24 Cat. A/C, VDE 0482-332-3-22/-24 Cat. A/C, AREI-RGIE Art.104-F2

Smoke density

IEC 61034-1/-2, EN 61034-1/-2, VDE 0482-1034-1/-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-SD

Circuit Integrity (FE180)

IEC 60331-11/-21 (180 minutes), VDE 0472 part 814 (FE180), IEC 60331-1, IEC 60331-2 (120 minutes ), EN 50200, VDE 0482-200 (PH120) and EN 50362, VDE 0482-362 (120 minutes), BS 6387 C/W/Z, AREI-RGIE Art.104-FR1

System circuit integrity

DIN 4102-12, VdS 3423 (more than 16.0 mm²), AREI-RGIE Art.104-FR2


Product Datasheet
Tender text
MPA Certificate


Article No.ProductNumber of CoresCross section [mm²]Sheath colourSheath Ø [mm]Weight [kg/km]Cu rate [kg/km]Fire load [kWh/m]ConstructionConductor
186071(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 1.5/1.531.5/1.5orange13.2249660.653Lsolid
186195(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 2.5/2.532.5/2.5orange14.13091040.723Lsolid
186197(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 4/434/4orange15.64031610.843Lsolid
187278(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 6/636/6orange16.95272400.943Lsolid
187279(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 10/10310/10orange18.67274081.153Lsolid
196386(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 16/16316/16orange24.411446431.643Lstranded
187406(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 25/16325/16orange25.814969021.953Lstranded
172417(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 35/16335/16orange29194611902.253Lstranded
187408(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 50/25350/25orange32.5255617232.903Lstranded
187409(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 70/35370/35orange37.6353924103.423Lstranded
187410(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 95/50395/50orange41.9461232964.503Lstranded
187411(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 120/703120/70orange45.3570342365.023Lstranded
187412(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 150/703150/70orange50693151006.003Lstranded
187414(N)HXCH FE180 E90 3 x 240/1203240/120orange62.41118382429.083Lstranded
186072(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 1.5/1.541.5/1.5orange14.1284810.733LNsolid
186196(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 2.5/2.542.5/2.5orange15.13561280.823LNsolid
186198(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 4/444/4orange16.74672000.963LNsolid
186199(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 6/646/6orange18.16252971.133LNsolid
186200(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 10/10410/10orange20.18685041.333LNsolid
186131(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 16/16416/16orange25.314007961.813LNstranded
186132(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 25/16425/16orange28.9189811422.283LNstranded
186133(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 35/16435/16orange31.6238015262.603LNstranded
186134(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 50/25450/25orange36.7324722033.493LNstranded
186135(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 70/35470/35orange41.3437530824.253LNstranded
186136(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 95/50495/50orange46.4574642085.533LNstranded
186137(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 120/704120/70orange50.1709453886.253LNstranded
186138(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 150/704150/70orange55.3865165407.583LNstranded
186139(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 185/954185/95orange60.81075181599.183LNstranded
186140(N)HXCH FE180 E90 4 x 240/1204240/120orange69.2139801054611.603LNstranded
186073(N)HXCH FE180 E90 7 x 1.5/2.571.5/2.5orange16.13941330.947Lsolid
191096(N)HXCH FE180 E90 7 x 2.5/2.572.5/2.5orange17.34932001.057Lsolid
187415(N)HXCH FE180 E90 12 x 1.5/2.5121.5/2.5orange20.2597205.81.3812Lsolid
187402(N)HXCH FE180 E90 24 x 1.5/6241.5/6orange2710784132.3224Lsolid
187403(N)HXCH FE180 E90 24 x 2.5/10242.5/10orange29.614426962.6924Lsolid
187404(N)HXCH FE180 E90 30 x 1.5/6301.5/6orange28.412504992.6730Lsolid
Additional dimensions available on request.

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