Fire protection plugs

Fire protection plugs

1. K 6x5S, 30 mm embedment depth

2. KDM, 30 mm embedment depth


For installation of cable systems with enhanced circuit integrity (System Circuit Integrity).
The fire protection plugs are suitable for applications in concrete.
In order to guarantee the specified strength of the fire protection plugs, ensure that the drill holes have the specified depth.
Please use the drill bit that is supplied with the plug set to meet the correct hole depth.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductInformationMounting ofPU
1300953Plug set K6x5, 30 mm

Set contains 200 K6x5 and SDS1 drill bit.
Recommended tool: set SM 6 SM.

SAS single clamps,
Single/distance clamps
with M6 thread

200 pcs.
1300954Plug set KDM, 30 mm

Set contains 200 KDM and SDS1 drill bit.

Recommended tool set: SWS-SM or SWS-SM 50.

Single/distance clamps,

with continuous hole 19-63 mm,

Hermann clamp

200 pcs.

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