Cable joint for(N)HXCH with concentric conductor


For connecting two Datwyler Keram cable types (N)HXH / (N)HXH CL / (N)HXCH FE180/E30-E60, (N)HXH / (N)HXCH FE180/E90.
The cable joint provides the relevant circuit integrity of the cables.

The joint consist of several heat-absorbing inner joints (depending on the number of conductor connections), an external joint and several insulating tubes that serve as flame barrier.

Full shrink tube, without squeeze connections.

Cables are prepared as usual, with offset connection order.
The joint is installed using any common warm air device.
Detailed assembly instructions are provided with each joint.
Mandrel crimping is not permitted for crimped connections.


Product Datasheet


Article No.Product
1300317 joint SMHC4 from 1.5/1.5 mm² up to 4/4 mm²
1300318 joint SMHC4 from 6/6 mm² up to 10/10 mm²
1300319 joint SMHC4 from 16/16 mm² up to 25/16 mm²
1300320 joint SMHC4 from 35/16 mm² up to 50/25 mm²
1300321 joint SMHC4 from 70/35 mm² up to 95/50 mm²
1300322 joint SMHC4 from 120/70 mm² up to 150/70 mm²
1300323 joint SMHC4 from 185/95 mm² up to 240/120 mm²