Duct distribution closure

Duct distribution closure


For direct-burial cables and micro ducts.
Rugged IP68 design.
Spring lock construction.
Waterproof and pressure-tight up to 10 bar.
Applicable also as repair closure that can be installed subsequently.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductPU
344601Duct distribution closure (TDC) MKII1 pc.
34460217-21 mm inline seals1 pc.
34460321-24 mm inline seals1 pc.
34460424-28 mm inline seals1 pc.
34460528-32 mm inline seals1 pc.
34460632-36 mm inline seals1 pc.
344607TDC end of run filter blank1 pc.
344608Cable seal kit: 40 mm duct1 pc.
34460914.5 to 17 mm end gland1 pc.
34461017 to 20 mm end gland1 pc.
34461122 to 24.5 mm end gland1 pc.
3446124x DB1 (Ø 9.5 mm) tube1 pc.
3446138 to 11.5 mm side gland1 pc.
34461414.5 to 16.5 mm side gland1 pc.
344617TDC cable gland spanner1 pc.
344615TDC silicone grease1 pc.
344618TDC knock-out tool kit1 pc.
344616TDC silicone sealant1 pc.