to open the cable entries / more

Stripping tools

Universal installation bracket


Stripping tools to open type R, type B and type S cable entries/ports in the base of the dome closure.
Saw to open type L, LM and T cable entries/ports (and other).
Dome/cover release tools.
Universal installation bracket, horizontal and vertical adjustable.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductPUClosures
345021R-port opening tool (from inside)1 pc.UFC-FDN-FML-FST13
345022B-port opening tool (from inside)1 pc.UFC-FDN-FML-FST13
345023S-port opening tool (from inside)1 pc.UFC-FDN-FML-FST13
345013R-port opening tool (from outside)1 pc.FST4-FRBU
345014B-port opening tool (from outside)1 pc.FST4-FRBU
345997S-port opening tool (from outside)1 pc.FST4-FRBU
345149Kit with all port opening tools (without saw)1 setall
345024Saw for opening L, LM and T-ports (and other)1 pc.all
345309Dome/cover release tools (set = 2 pcs)1 setFST-FRBU
345100Universal installation bracket, adjustable1 pc.all

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