Network Racks Premium DNRP
19"/27U, 42U and 48U
The Datwyler Nework Racks Premium DNRP are cabinets with fully welded frames and high load capacities designed for data centres, server rooms and comms rooms.
Network Racks Standard DNRS
19"/21U, 27U, 33U, 42U and 48U
The Datwyler Network Racks Standard DNRS are designed to provide good-quality cabinets that offer an unrivaled cost-performance ratio.
Wall-Mount Racks Premium DWMR
19″/6U, 9U, 12U, 15U and 18U
The Datwyler Wall-Mount Racks are designed to accept patch panels, active components and other data network equipment. They offer an extended access level from all sides thanks to removable (and lockable) side panels.