Cabling plays a key role in high-availability

As part of our data centre products and services Datwyler’s core competences include the provision of high-performance cabling systems perfectly matched to customer requirements.

Cabling plays a key role in high-availability. The corner stones of a modern ICT cabling system in the data centre field are flexibility and continuous application support for existing and future technologies. The corresponding plug-and-play systems should also offer space-savings in the rack and operate at transmission rates of up to 40 and 100 Gbit/sec.

You can essentially choose between three different approaches for the fail-safe highspeed data transmission solution in your data centre: classical ad-hoc cabling using copper and fibre-optic technology, a complete or partially pre-assembled solution with copper and/or fibre-optic trunks (multiple cables), or a modular high-density fibre-optic solution, for example, the "Datwyler Data Centre Solution". 

Our Datwyler Data Centre Solution is a future-safe, pre-assembled plug-and-go fibre optic solution which has been specially developed for high-density requirements in data centres. It features very high quality cable and components and high-precision connector manufacture. Because of its excellent optical and geometric properties, this solution is suitable for not just all of today’s high-speed applications, but also those of the future, such as 32GFC, 40/100G-Ethernet and 120G Infiniband. Modular components which can be configured in any required combination offer users the highest degree of design flexibility.