Shelves - high load

1U, black

1U high load shelf, black, with 19" mounting brackets


19"/1U high load shelves, 2.0 mm powder coated sheet steel, black, reinforced with metal bars, with mounting brackets for 4-point mounting, 16 screws M6 and 16 nuts M6.
100 kg maximum load per shelf.
The shelves can be mounted in any of Datwyler's free standing racks (DSRP, DNRP, DSRS and DNRS).
1 sheet steel high load shelf,
4 19" mounting brackets,
16 screws M6 and 16 nuts M6.
Please consider the ex-works position of the rack's extrusions (19" rails) when ordering shelves.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductMaximum load [kg]Mounting distance [mm]ColourPU
1951731U shelf, high load, 450 mm100113-463black1 set
1951741U shelf, high load, 550 mm100213-563black1 set
1951751U shelf, high load, 650 mm100313-663black1 set