Shelves - high load, telescopic

1U, black

1U high load shelf, black, with telescopic rails


19"/1U high load telescopic shelves, powder coated 2.0 / 2.5 mm sheet steel, black, equipped with one pair of telescopic rails.
80 kg maximum load (when mounted with 4 supporting brackets).
The shelves can be mounted in any of Datwyler's free standing racks (DSRP, DNRP, DSRS and DNRS).
1 completely assembled 19"/1U telescopic shelf.
Delivery without screws/nuts.
Please consider the ex-works position of the rack's extrusions / 19" rails when ordering shelves.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductMaximum load [kg]Mounting distance [mm]ColourDepth [mm]PU
1951791U shelf, telescopic, high load, 450 mm80296-507black4711 pc.
1951801U shelf, telescopic, high load, 550 mm80406-607black5711 pc.