Keyboard holder, telescopic

1U, black

19"/1U keyboard holder, black, telescopic


19"/1U powder coated sheet steel keyboard holder, telescopic, black.
For a maximum keyboard width of 400 mm and height of 36 mm.
Shelf depth = 480 mm.
Maximum pull-out distance = 330 mm.
The extractable keyboard holder can be mounted in any of Datwyler's free standing racks (DSRP, DNRP, DSRS and DNRS). For 1000 mm and 1200 mm deep racks long support brackets (Article No. 19555900ZY) are required.
Set includes 1 sheet steel keyboard holder, support brackets for 600 mm deep racks and a mounting kit.


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Article No.ProductColourPU
1951901U keyboard holder, telescopic, 480 mmblack1 set