Cable managers - vertical

15U - 45U, black, standard

              1. Vertical cable manager                   2. Holder


1. Vertical cable management units, 15U - 45U, plastic ducts with duct cover.
Variants ≥ 33U come with divided duct cover for easier handling.
Oval openings for front to rear cabling.
(Installation requires an appropriate holder)
2. Holders for vertical cabel management units with oval openings for front to rear cabling.
(Delivery without screws/nuts)
These products can be mounted in any of Datwyler's 800 mm wide DNRS racks.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductHeightColourWidth [mm]Depth [mm]PU
195235Vertical cable manager w. plastic duct15Ublack80601 pc.
195236Holder for vertical cable manager15Ublack801 pair
195239Vertical cable manager w. plastic duct21Ublack80601 pc.
195240Holder for vertical cable manager21Ublack601 pair
195237Vertical cable manager w. plastic duct33Ublack80601 pc.
195238Holder for vertical cable manager33Ublack801 pair
195241Vertical cable manager w. plastic duct27Ublack80601 pc.
195242Holder for vertical cable manager27Ublack801 pair
195243Vertical cable manager w. plastic duct42Ublack80601 pc.
195244Holder for vertical cable manager42Ublack801 pair
195245Vertical cable manager w. plastic duct45Ublack80601 pc.
195246Holder for vertical cable manager45Ublack801 pair

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