OV-S / OV-T 2U accessories


Front plates, cable entries and strain reliefs.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductColour
416976Front plate for 24x SCD or LCQsilver
416961Front plate for 24x SCD or LCQlight grey
416962Front plate for 48x SC, LSH or LCD*light grey
416963Front plate for 48x ST or FC/PClight grey
417299Front plate for 48x LCD (offset design)light grey
417882Front plate for 48x SCD or LCQlight grey
417795Front plate for 48x SCD or LCQblack
419052Front plate for 48x LSH-C (Compact)light grey
416966Front plate for insertion of 4 partial front plateslight grey
417562Angled cable entry M20silver
415209Angled cable entry 2x M20silver
417560Angled cable entry M25silver
417561Straight cable entry M20 + M25silver
418654Angled cable entry 2 x 15 mmsilver
418651Straight cable entry 1 x 20 mm + 2 x 15 mmsilver
* For LCD couplers we recommend the offset version (Art.No. 417299) due to the limited accessibility of the connectors when unplugging the patch cords.