FO patch panel OV-S

19"/1U, Splice box OV-S, E9/125 G.652.D OS2

with adapters and pigtails

Fibre optic splice box OV-S, 19"/1U, extractable, configuration example with 24 LCD/APC adapters and 48 pigtails


For the termination of fibre optic cables - maximum of 96 fibres.
Loaded with FO adapters, ready for splicing, with prepared pigtails (per 2 m, colour code: IEC 60304).
Splice box with
- two straight cable entries
- one screwed cable gland M20
- coloured pigtails with measurement report
- FO adapters, fastened by screws
- splice trays with cover
- splice holder for 12 x crimp splice protectors
- Delivery without splicing protection
Housing:metal sheet, black, extractable drawer with locking mechanism, box allows for depth-adjustable mounting (5 steps, maximum 50 mm)
Front plate:similar to RAL 7035, similar to RAL 9005 or stainless steel
Imprint:numbers (silk screen printing) on frontplate
Capacity:up to 96 fibres
Strain relief:with screwed cable gland
Cable entry:rear left and right with pre-stamped cable entries M15, M20 and M25 - these pre-stamped holes can be opened as necessary
Adapter:SCD, LCD,LCQ, LSH Coloured Polymer housings or ST metal housings, ceramic sleeves


Product Datasheet
Tender text


Article No.ProductColor (front plate)Number of adaptersAdaptersAdapter orientationColour (adapter)PigtailsPU
41547200ZYSplice box OV-S 2xLCD, OS2light grey2LCDoffset horizontalblue4 x LC1 pc.
41547300ZYSplice box OV-S 4xLCD, OS2light grey4LCDoffset horizontalblue8 x LC1 pc.
41535700ZYSplice box OV-S 6xLCD, OS2black6LCDoffset horizontalblue12 x LC1 pc.
41521000ZYSplice box OV-S 6xLCD, OS2light grey6LCDoffset horizontalblue12 x LC1 pc.
41544800ZYSplice box OV-S 12xLCD, OS2black12LCDangledblue24 x LC1 pc.
41534100ZYSplice box OV-S 12xLCD, OS2black12LCDoffset horizontalblue24 x LC1 pc.
41521400ZYSplice box OV-S 12xLCD, OS2light grey12LCDoffset horizontalblue24 x LC1 pc.
41533700ZYSplice box OV-S 24xLCD, OS2black24LCDoffset horizontalblue48 x LC1 pc.
41521800ZYSplice box OV-S 24xLCD, OS2light grey24LCDoffset horizontalblue48 x LC1 pc.
41544200ZYSplice box OV-S 12xLCD/APC, OS2light grey12LCD/APCoffset horizontalgreen24 x LC/APC1 pc.
41544300ZYSplice box OV-S 24xLCD/APC, OS2light grey24LCD/APCoffset horizontalgreen48 x LC/APC1 pc.
41545400ZYSplice box OV-S 12xLCQ, OS2black12LCQangledblue48 x LC1 pc.
41540400ZYSplice box OV-S 12xLCQ, OS2light grey12LCQverticalblue48 x LC1 pc.
41533100ZYSplice box OV-S 24xLCQ, OS2black24LCQverticalblue96 x LC1 pc.
41527500ZYSplice box OV-S 24xLCQ, OS2light grey24LCQverticalblue96 x LC1 pc.
41537200ZYSplice box OV-S 6xLSH/APC, OS2black6LSH/APCverticalgreen6 x LSH/APC1 pc.
41531300ZYSplice box OV-S 6xLSH/APC, OS2light grey6LSH/APCverticalgreen6 x LSH/APC1 pc.
41537500ZYSplice box OV-S 12xLSH/APC, OS2black12LSH/APCverticalgreen12 x LSH/APC1 pc.
41531500ZYSplice box OV-S 12xLSH/APC, OS2light grey12LSH/APCverticalgreen12 x LSH/APC1 pc.
41537800ZYSplice box OV-S 24xLSH/APC, OS2black24LSH/APCverticalgreen24 x LSH/APC1 pc.
41531700ZYSplice box OV-S 24xLSH/APC, OS2light grey24LSH/APCverticalgreen24 x LSH/APC1 pc.
41548700ZYSplice box OV-S 6xLSH-C/APC, OS2light grey6LSH-C/APCverticalgreen12 x LSH/APC1 pc.
41538500ZYSplice box OV-S 12xLSH-C/APC, OS2light grey12LSH-C/APCverticalgreen24 x LSH/APC1 pc.
41538400ZYSplice box OV-S 24xLSH-C/APC, OS2light grey24LSH-C/APCverticalgreen48 x LSH/APC1 pc.
41547000ZYSplice box OV-S 2xSCD, OS2light grey2SCDverticalblue4 x SC1 pc.
41547100ZYSplice box OV-S 4xSCD, OS2light grey4SCDverticalblue8 x SC1 pc.
41536400ZYSplice box OV-S 6xSCD, OS2black6SCDverticalblue12 x SC1 pc.
41522200ZYSplice box OV-S 6xSCD, OS2light grey6SCDverticalblue12 x SC1 pc.
41538700ZYSplice box OV-S 12xSCD, OS2black12SCDverticalblue24 x SC1 pc.
41522600ZYSplice box OV-S 12xSCD, OS2light grey12SCDverticalblue24 x SC1 pc.
41541200ZYSplice box OV-S 12xSCD, OS2light grey12SCDverticalmetal24 x SC1 pc.
41538800ZYSplice box OV-S 24xSCD, OS2black24SCDverticalblue48 x SC1 pc.
41523000ZYSplice box OV-S 24xSCD, OS2light grey24SCDverticalblue48 x SC1 pc.
41541300ZYSplice box OV-S 24xSCD, OS2light grey24SCDverticalmetal48 x SC1 pc.
41888700ZYSplice box OV-S 12xSCD/APC, OS2light grey12SCD/APCverticalgreen24 x SC/APC1 pc.
41888600ZYSplice box OV-S 24xSCD/APC, OS2light grey24SCD/APCverticalgreen48 x SC/APC1 pc.
41534400ZYSplice box OV-S 6xST, OS2black6STverticalmetal6 x ST1 pc.
41523400ZYSplice box OV-S 6xST, OS2light grey6STverticalmetal6 x ST1 pc.
41535100ZYSplice box OV-S 12xST, OS2black12STverticalmetal12 x ST1 pc.
41523800ZYSplice box OV-S 12xST, OS2light grey12STverticalmetal12 x ST1 pc.
41535400ZYSplice box OV-S 24xST, OS2black24STverticalmetal24 x ST1 pc.
41524200ZYSplice box OV-S 24xST, OS2light grey24STverticalmetal24 x ST1 pc.
Variants on request.

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