HD-DCS Patch cable MTP - MTP, E9/125 G.652.D BLO

for HD-DCS


Thin, very flexible fibre-optic patch cable (round cable, Ø 2.0 mm) with 12 fibres.
Each patch cable is equipped with push-pull tabs.
Low fire load due to its halogen-free flame-retardant LS0H sheath.
OS2 versions are available with up to 5 m standard lengths (other lengths on request).
Sticker labelling at both cable ends.
Standard polarisation modes can be type A, B or type C.
OS2 MTP®-on-MTP patch cables are suitable for all high-performance applications with parallel optic signals in a data centre environment.
The round patch cables are pre-assembled with high-performance MTP connectors (female) at both ends.
They are assembled to a very high quality and guarantee optimum values for optical performance (IL/RL).
Labelled using stickers at both cable ends
Supplied with test report
Connector type side AMTP
Ferrule polishing connector AElite APC 8°
IL typical, connector A0.1 dB
IL maximal, connector A0.3 dB
RL typical, connector A70 dB
RL minimal, connector A65 dB
Connector type side BMTP
Ferrule polishing connector BElite APC 8°
IL typical, connector B0.1 dB
IL maximal, connector B0.3 dB
RL typical, connector B70 dB
RL minimal, connector B65 dB
Outer sheath materialFR/LSZH
Outer sheath colouryellow

Zero halogen, no corrosive gases

IEC 60754-1/-2

Flame propagation

IEC 60332-1-2

Flame spread

IEC 60332-3-22 Cat. A

Smoke density

IEC 61034-1/-2


Product Datasheet
Tender text


Article No.ProductSheathSheath colourConnectivity methodLength [m]PU
473260HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowA1 m1 pc.
473261HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowA2 m1 pc.
473262HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowA3 m1 pc.
473263HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowA4 m1 pc.
473264HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowA5 m1 pc.
473270HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowB1 m1 pc.
473271HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowB2 m1 pc.
473272HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowB3 m1 pc.
473273HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowB4 m1 pc.
473274HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowB5 m1 pc.
473280HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowC1 m1 pc.
473281HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowC2 m1 pc.
473282HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowC3 m1 pc.
473283HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowC4 m1 pc.
473284HD-DCS patch cord MTP - MTPFR/LSZHyellowC5 m1 pc.
MTP® and MTP Elite® are registered brands of US Conec.

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