HD-DCS modular panels, 19"/1U

to take 4 or 12 HD-DCS plug-in modules


Sturdy stainless steel housing with depth-adjustable cable support plate and front 19"/1U mounting brackets.
Pre-assembled with four slots to take HD-DCS plug-in modules from the front or rear. Each slot accepts three plug-in modules with 6 ports or one plug-in module with 12 or 24 ports.
Allows for variable, scalable port densities from 48 up to 96 ports (LCD and MPO/MTP®).
Modular, scalable high-density platform for the data centre environment.
Variable port densities of up to 96 LCD and/or MPO ports on one rack unit (U). This allows for up to 192 fibres (with LCD) or 1152 fibres (with MPO12) per height unit.
19"/1U panel (19" mounting brackets) with integrated, depth-adjustable cable support plate (without plug-in modules)
2 cover plates with label strips
19" mounting material
Accessories such as strain relief clips and cable mounting clips to be ordered separately.


Product Datasheet
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Article No.ProductColor (front plate)ColourPU
473600 HD-DCS panel 19" 1U, 4x 12/24-port black silver 1 pc.
473601 HD-DCS panel 19" 1U, 12x 6-port black silver 1 pc.
473602 HD-DCS panel 19" 1U, 6/12/24-port black silver 1 pc.
MTP® is a registered trade name of US Conec.

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