HD-DCS Indoor cables MTP-MTP, 12-144 fibres OS2

for interconnecting HD-DCS modules

HD-DCS Indoor cables MTP-MTP, 12-144 fibres OS2


Compact, metal-free cable construction with FR/LS0H cable sheath and 12 to 144 fibres.
OS2 versions with Euroclass Dca are available (Euroclass Cca or B2ca version available on request).
Sticker labelling at both cable ends.
The length of individual cables ("legs") may be defined on the basis of a specific project (standard 0.55 m, max. 4.0 m).
The leg separation is effected with a divider housing.
All individual cables are assembled using MTP® connectors with high-performance 12-fibre Elite® ferrules (MTP8/MTP24 available on request).
Standard connectivity methods can be type A or type C (other types available on request).
The cables are fitted at both ends with protective sleeves.
OS2 MTP-on-MTP Indoor cables are suitable for all high-performance applications with duplex and parallel optic signals in a data centre environment.
They are particularly used when installation requires sturdy, metal-free indoor cables that provide enhanced crush resistance and rodent protection.
For duplex applications, the pre-assempled connectors at either end of the cable are connected to the HD-DCS modules.
The HD-DCS Indoor cables are assembled to a very high quality and guarantee optimum values for optical performance (IL/RL).
HD-DCS Indoor cables (FR/LS0H) with 12-144 fibres OS2.
High-performance connector assembly at either end with MTP Elite (male).
Sticker labelling at both cable ends.
Test reports on all MTP connectors.
Connector type side AMTP Male (pinned)
Ferrule polishing connector AElite APC 8°
IL typical, connector A0.1 dB
IL maximal, connector A0.3 dB
RL typical, connector A70 dB
RL minimal, connector A65 dB
Connector type side BMTP Male (pinned)
Ferrule polishing connector BElite APC 8°
IL typical, connector B0.1 dB
IL maximal, connector B0.3 dB
RL typical, connector B70 dB
RL minimal, connector B65 dB
Outer sheath materialFR/LSZH
Outer sheath colouryellow
Colour codeIEC 60304


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductNumber of fibresSheath colourConnectivity methodSheath Ø [mm]Tensile load continuous [N]Tensile load short term [N]Crush resistance continuous [N]Crush resistance short term [N]PU
474040HD-DCS Indoor cable 1x MTP - 1x MTP12yellowA5.91000300012004000by the metre
474041HD-DCS Indoor cable 2x MTP - 2x MTP24yellowA9.94100800012004000by the metre
474042HD-DCS Indoor cable 4x MTP - 4x MTP48yellowA9.94100800012004000by the metre
474044HD-DCS Indoor cable 8x MTP - 8x MTP96yellowA12.94100800012004000by the metre
474045HD-DCS Indoor cable 12x MTP - 12x MTP144yellowA15.84100800012004000by the metre
474050HD-DCS Indoor cable 1x MTP - 1x MTP12yellowC5.91000300012004000by the metre
474051HD-DCS Indoor cable 2x MTP - 2x MTP24yellowC9.94100800012004000by the metre
474052HD-DCS Indoor cable 4x MTP - 4x MTP48yellowC9.94100800012004000by the metre
474054HD-DCS Indoor cable 8x MTP - 8x MTP96yellowC12.94100800012004000by the metre
474055HD-DCS Indoor cable 12x MTP - 12x MTP144yellowC15.84100800012004000by the metre
MTP® and MTP Elite® are registered brands of US Conec.

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