Subrack 19‘‘/3U & 10‘‘/3U, plug-in modules 7HP/3U

up to 72 or 30 RJ45 ports

1 Subrack 19‘‘/3U

2 Plug-in module for 6x RJ45 Keystone modules
3 Plug-in module with 6x RJ45 Cat.3
4 Blank cover 7HP/3U


Subrack, 19"/3U (see Fig. 1)
for the insertion of a maximum of 12 plug-in modules 7HP/3U.
Delivery without fastening kit and plug-in modules. Plug-in module, loaded with 6 RJ45 modules
(see Fig. 2) Plug-in module, loaded with 6 RJ45 Cat. 3 modules (telephony, see Fig. 3)
with LSA Plus IDC termination. Blank cover (see Fig. 4)
for covering the spare places in the subrack that are not occpied by plug-in modules.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductColourPU
185682Subrack 19“ / 3Uwhite1 pc.
185683Subrack 10“ / 3Usilver1 pc.
185724Plug-in module, loaded with 6x RJ45 modules, Cat. 3 (telephony), 7HP/3Usilver1 pc.
185718Blank cover 7HP / 3Usilver1 pc.
185731Fastening kit (8 of each: screws, washers and captive nuts)silver1 set
440059Labelling strip for Plug-in module1 pc.

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