Intelligent patch panel

for 24 Keystone modules KS or KS-T

E-cabling Solution - Electronic Patch Panel

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19"/1U electronic patch panel, offers 24 ports for Keystone modules.
Each port associated with LED used to indicate patch cable connection.
Red and green LED indicating panel connection type (right panel).
Rear PCB protection.
Connection management device via RJ45 patch cables.
High speed self-scanning on 24 ports.
Ability to handle connection alarms.
LED is available in two states:
1. Slow flashing indicates that the port needs to be connected or disconnected
2. Fast flashing = port alarm indication
LED Panel connection:
1. Red = S type, switch connection at rear
2. Green = C type, cable connection at rear
Suitable for the following Datwyler modules:
- Keystone module KS
- Keystone module KS-T
Width:484.0 mm (19”) 
Height:44.4 mm (1U) 
Depth:38.0 mm 

See Datwyler´s Intelligent Management Unit (IMU)
and intelligent patch cords (with LED)

This patch panel is part of Datwyler's E-cabling Solution


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductDescriptionPU
4110502Intelligent Keystone Patch Panel, 24 ports (delivery without modules)Intelligent Keystone Patch Panel, 24 ports (delivery without modules)1 pc.

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