Up to 40 Gbit/s via RJ45

Cat. 8.1 cabling in data centres

Up to 40 gigabits per second via RJ45 connectors? Will this work? Our customers were recently able to prove this for themselves in a live demo on the Datwyler exhibition stand at ineltec in Basel.

The test setup consisted of our CU 8203 4P copper data cable, the CU 8206 4P flex patch cable – both Category 8.2 – and a new RJ45 connector which Datwyler will shortly be launching on the market.

The cable tester connected to the setup confirmed that: 25 and 40 Gbit/s can easily be transmitted for a distance of up to 30 metres over such a link. The requirements of ISO/IEC 11801 Class I (Permanent Link and Channel) are satisfied in every respect.