To our esteemed business partners

Acquisition of Datwyler Cabling Solutions by Pema Holding AG

Dear Sir or Madam,

Successful and close co-operation requires transparent communication. So today we would like to inform you, as an esteemed business partner, about the planned acquisition of Datwyler Cabling Solutions by Pema Holding AG with effect from 31st December 2012. Pema Holding AG with Headquarters in Altdorf (canton Uri, Switzerland) has been the majority shareholder of Datwyler Holding Inc. for many years already. Under the roof of Pema Holding AG, Datwyler Cabling Solutions Inc. will by then be a privately owned sister company of the publicly listed Datwyler Holding Inc.

As of today (1st November 2012) our official company name is "Datwyler Cabling Solutions Inc." with HQ in Altdorf. The company names at all other locations world-wide however remain unchanged. With immediate effect, you find our website under www.cabling.datwyler.com.

For you as a Datwyler business partner the a.m. changes will not alter anything: Your current contacts will still be there for you and ensure continuity. The range of products and services, bank details, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will also remain the same. Our Datwyler brand as well as our corporate identity and logo will not change either.

For the privately held Pema Holding AG the acquisition of Datwyler Cabling Solutions is a clear commitment to Switzerland as an industrial base. Pema Holding AG will take over all facilities world-wide and the entire workforce of Datwyler Cabling Solutions Inc. The operational management headed by CEO Johannes Mueller will also remain unchanged and ensure additional continuity. The new ownership will give Datwyler Cabling Solutions better opportunities to successfully develop and expand its operations than before. 

We would like to thank you for the trust in Datwyler and we are looking forward to a continued professional business relationship.

Best regards,
Yours Datwyler team