The Lower Valais gets a "data superhighway"

ESR is constructing a FTTH network with fibre optic racks from Datwyler

L‘Energie de Sion-Region SA, the biggest regional energy supplier in the Swiss canton of Valais, is constructing a Fibre-to-the-Home network with fibre optic racks from Datwyler. The new FTTH network has been designed to provide companies and private individuals in 20 municipalities with high-performance multimedia services - of better quality and augmented by additional offerings such as high resolution television and Video on Demand.

ESR opted for a Datwyler system with high port density. This is compact, flexible, and of a size which fits all the available sites. It is, moreover, an integrated system which is suitable for passive and active components and permits a huge number of possible connections in one single rack - and all at a reasonable price. Each of these racks - also called optical distribution frames (ODFs) - allows up to 2,880 optical fibres in 19-inch drawers to be connected to each of two rack units. Up to 144 fibre optics on LC/APC couplers can be lined up in one drawer. The passive ODFs also have a sophisticated patch cable management and bend radius control devices for optimum fibre management.

If you are interested you can find the detailed case study here.