Siemens joins “Edge Computing - Underground” consortium

Additional expertise for underground data centre project

Cheerful faces among the core team of the project after the entry of Smart Infrastructure by Siemens Switzerland Ltd. into the industrial consortium was signed.

The Smart Infrastructure unit at Siemens Switzerland Ltd. is contributing its knowhow to the industrial consortium to jointly drive forward the continuous development of the underground data centre pilot scheme. The “Edge Computing - Underground” project thus takes a further step towards overcoming the spatial problems of future “Smart Cities” as well as fulfilling their sustainability requirements.

In autumn 2019, the prototype of a modularly designed data centre, developed for underground installation, was presented for the first time in the Hagerbach Test Gallery. The project, led by SCAUT (Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies) together with the industrial partners Datwyler Cabling Solutions and Amberg Engineering, aims to use underground space for edge data centres in order to be close and energy efficient to the end-user and to save the limited and expensive space on the surface.

The Smart Infrastructure unit of Siemens Switzerland Ltd. joined the consortium as the third industrial partner. Smart Infrastructure focuses on the intelligent connection of energy systems, buildings and industries to improve people's lifestyle and working conditions in infrastructures such as buildings. The company already has a great deal of expertise in the operation of sustainable energy systems. Since these are based on closed-loop technologies, they have a low carbon footprint. In the case of data centres, this applies particularly to energy consumption, energy storage and reuse.

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