Rely on our "EC Verified" data cables and connecting hardware

New Delta certificates for Datwyler

"EC Verified" is an important independent mark of global approval for cables and connecting hardware. It guarantees that the products approved by DELTA EC Cabling Group as an accredited independent third party testing laboratory have been tested to all international relevant standards in the most exacting way, under rigorous control, and with regular inspection of the manufacturer's production quality. 

Some of our copper data cables, patch cables and RJ45 modules have been tested by DELTA to verify their compliance with the Class E and Class EA Channel and Permanent Link requirements of the Generic Cabling Standards (ISO/IEC, EN and ANSI/TIA). These products take part in a maintenance of certification schedule, which implies that DELTA performs a sample test of the products once a year.

You can find our new DELTA certificated products as well as the respective compliance statements here.