Reliable systems for your LAN cabling

Innovative copper and fibre optic solutions

The top quality, simple handling and long-term future viability of Datwyler’s tried and tested Class E, EA, F and FA copper and fibre optic system solutions have been impressing customers for many years. 

In LAN cabling as well, increasing numbers of businesses are relying on preassembled products – particularly when it comes to fibre optic cabling. As of now, Datwyler optionally supplies its FO Universal cables with yellow (Single-mode G.652.D), turquoise (Multimode OM3) and heather violet (Multimode OM4) sheaths making it even easier for end customers and installers to distinguish between the various types of fibre.

Even the breakout sections ("legs") of our preassembled cables are available in the new colours. And for the sake of consistency we also make the connector housings and cable locks in colour