New range of fibre-optic closures and accessories

Components for FTTx cabling systems

Flexible and economic infrastructure solutions are essential for establishing and expanding fibre optic networks into subscribers’ buildings and homes. AppropriateFTTx systems for the backbone, access and in-house area are all obtainable from Datwyler, your one-stop supplier.

During TeleNetfair we particularly want to draw your attention to our new range of splice closures and accessories. We have used some of these in our latest FTTx development projects in Switzerland, for example.

You can find the core product range in our overview flier "Components for FTTx cabling systems - Innovative integrated solutions for your high-speed fibre optic infrastructures" (PDF). With the products suggested here you can turn all the benefits of Datwyler technology to your advantage: top quality, perfectly matched tried and tested components, and innovations which save you time and money.